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"The long and the short of it is that The Sometimes Boys are an amazing roots band, but they're unlike anything you've heard before or will hear afterwards."

"It’s hard to think of a New York band with a more original, distinctive sound than the Sometime Boys. They can do straight-up funk, or country, or elegant chamber pop or wildly guitar-fueled psychedelia, but they’re more likely to combine all those styles. With her full-throttle, brassy alto voice and sardonic sense of humor, singer/guitarist Sarah Mucho is a charismatic presence in front of the band, but the whole group – lead guitarist Kurt Leege, bassist Pete O’Connell and drummer Jay Cowit – have sizzling chops as well."

"Times may be tough, but music like this makes us think about what is most important. The connections people have with each other and also the strength to admit when things are getting bad are evoked by this music. It’s phenomenal… The spread and depth simply rocks. This music sounds different from what what you’re listening to right now because it’s both original and full of vitality."

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