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The Sometime Boys - Where Are They Now

Ever since our final show back in June 2018, we have been working on one last album to be released this spring. Ironically, it's probably one of our best sounding, most innovative albums to date. So stay tuned for that!

Even though we are no longer an active band, there is still the possibility of a few shows down the line here in the states and maybe even in Ireland where Kurtis now resides, hence the "break up"...and of course, you can still keep up with all the members' other creative ventures.

Pete has been hyper focused on the super funky, math rock band Brain Salt which really showcases his stellar chops. Jay continues to work on his solo electronic and metal albums...check out J. Cowit online for more on that. Kurt's sophomore release of Sleepy Time Guitar should be coming out sometime this year and he has already tracked down some like minded musicians in Norther Ireland to jam with. Sarah has been behind the scenes working on developing some new material and also hosts a happy hour piano bar once at month a Freddy's Bar & Backroom in Brooklyn. The 2nd half of her 2 part solo album I 2 Die/U 2 Live is expected to come out sometime this spring/early summer. Follow her at

There's also a strong possibility that Sarah, Jay and Pete will regroup at some point, starting where they left off but taking the jams to new heights.

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